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Author Archives: Bridgetower Media Newswires

Employee Benefits Might Still Facilitate Abortions and Reproductive Choice in a Post-Roe v. Wade America

On May 2, 2022, the Supreme Court’s draft majority opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, was leaked to the public and suggested that the Court intends to overturn Roe. Although the Supreme Court’s draft opinion does not have any binding legal authority, some large, multi-state employers have announced steps to support employee access to abortion and related reproductive medical services, specifically for those employees residing in states that do (or will) restrict abortion.

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Initiative stocks African law libraries

A Minnesota-based initiative has shipped 115 law and human rights libraries to 24 African countries since 2008, and new initiatives seek to strengthen the collaborative enterprise involving law firms, government officials and a leading legal publisher.

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Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearings provide many moments for reflection

The emotional kaleidoscope of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearing was nothing short of amazing. It was truly an exercise that allowed many of us to experience a range of emotions through a magnificently beautiful lens, as we witnessed the confirmation of our country’s first African-American female to the United States Supreme Court.

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Michigan Adopts Uniform Bar Exam

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has signed HB 5541 that provides for the Michigan Bar Examination to consist of the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE), bringing Michigan in line with 40 other jurisdictions. The result will be to strengthen the bar examination to test lawyering skills in a manner not currently tested, provide for the transferability of bar exam scores, and continue to provide necessary accommodations for test takers with disabilities.

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Will courts really enforce proposed financial information exchange rules?

In law, as in many things in life, some ideas are better in theory than in practice. It is not uncommon that the Legislature, which has precious few lawyers (most sessions have ten or fewer lawyers out of 133 state Senators and Representatives, and almost none of them has ever been in the private practice of law), passes legislation which sounds good on its face but has a different practical effect. The phrase which attaches to such legislation is “the law of unintended consequences.”

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