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Computers seized from city treasurer’s office


Chicago city treasurer

Melissa Conyears-Ervin. Photo Courtesy City of Chicago

Computers seized from city treasurer’s office


Computers have been seized from the treasurer’s City Hall offices in Chicago last week as part of an investigation into allegations of misconduct, reports Chicago Tribune.

Tribune reported that a series of accusations by two aides who were previously fired said the treasurer misused taxpayer resources and abused the powers of her office, prompting an inspector general investigation.

After the aides’ employment was terminated, attorneys for two of the women who were fired sent the head of the city’s Law Department and the Board of Ethics a “blistering four-page letter in December 2020.” The letter claimed Conyears-Ervin used government workers for her own personal use, including to plan her daughter’s birthday party and to be her personal bodyguard, in addition to the general accusation that she repeatedly misused taxpayer resources and pressured public employees to help her political allies, Tribune reported.

It also alleged the treasurer, who oversees city investments ,tried to force BMO Harris — one of the banks where city money is deposited — to issue a mortgage tied to the building that houses the aldermanic office for Conyears-Ervin’s husband, Ald. Jason Ervin, 28th. BMO officials have declined to comment. Conyears-Ervin threatened retaliation against employees who raised concerns about the conduct and other alleged misdeeds and told employees they “should not care if her plans are illegal since the only way they could lose their jobs is if she fires them,” the letter stated.



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