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Michael Best appoints Sarah Alt to new role as chief process and AI officer

By: Steve Schuster, [email protected]//July 26, 2023//

Sarah Alt

Sarah Alt

Michael Best appoints Sarah Alt to new role as chief process and AI officer

By: Steve Schuster, [email protected]//July 26, 2023//

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Michael Best announced Tuesday the appointment of Sarah Alt as the chief process & AI officer. Alt joined Michael Best’s Innovation & Technology team in April 2021 and most recently held the position of Chief Business Process Officer.

In this new role, Alt will be at the forefront of the firm’s AI initiatives, spearheading the integration of advanced AI technologies, algorithms, and strategies into legal and consulting services, firm officials said.

“With a distinguished background in information technology, Alt brings a wealth of expertise in ethical artificial intelligence (AI) and a profound understanding of the legal and consulting sectors, further underscoring Michael Best’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, delivering exceptional services, and driving positive change in the legal and consulting sectors. Her vision and strategic guidance will propel the firm forward in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI and its applications in the legal and consulting sectors,” firm officials added.

“We are thrilled to appoint Sarah as our new Chief Process & AI Officer,” said Jason Schultz, chief innovation and technology officer at Michael Best.

“Her extensive knowledge and experience in AI, coupled with her understanding of the legal industry, will be instrumental in driving our AI strategy and delivering exceptional value to our clients. With her visionary leadership and passion for AI, she is well poised to lead the firm towards new horizons and unlock unprecedented opportunities for growth and success, further positioning Michael Best as a leader in the field,” Schultz added.

Additionally, Alt was recently named to Relativity’s 2023 AI Visionary list, a recognition that features early adopters in legal, compliance, and risk who are playing a seminal role in advancing the use of artificial intelligence in their organizations. She serves as a Fellow with the Ethical AI Consortium, Inc., a non-profit organization that educates and creates awareness about the ethics and responsibility of advanced algorithms, automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence, and she established the organization’s first of its kind Ethical AI Professional certification, firm officials noted.

Alt has also earned several professional certifications, including Inclusive Leadership Professional Certification, Design Thinking Practitioner & Facilitator, Center for Creative Leadership – Change Management Practitioner, and Lean Six Sigma – Theory of Constraints (TOC) Practitioner, firm officials added.


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