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Postconviction Motion – Sentence Reduction

7th Circuit Court of Appeals

Case Name: United States of America v. James F. Williams

Case No.: 22-1587

Officials: Brennan, Scudder, and St. Eve, Circuit Judges.

Focus: Postconviction Motion – Sentence Reduction

Williams is serving a life sentence for various drug-related crimes committed while he was a leader for the Gangster Disciples in Carbondale, Illinois. Decades after his conviction, Williams asked a district court to reduce his sentence. The court denied his motion because Williams maintained his involvement with the Gangster Disciples while in prison. The district court reviewed photos of Williams posing in prison with other Disciples and investigative reports showing that Williams was helping distribute drugs for the gang within the prison. Williams disputed the extent of his involvement but admitted that he continued his association with the Disciples, and the Seventh Circuit agreed the district court acted well within the bounds of its broad discretion.


Decided 03/02/23

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