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Civil Procedure-Mootness

7th Circuit Court of Appeals

Case Name: Gregory Ruggles v. Jacqueline Ruggles

Case No.: 22-1138

Officials: FLAUM, BRENNAN, and SCUDDER, Circuit Judges

Focus: Civil Procedure-Mootness

Article III of the Constitution limits federal courts to deciding live Cases or Controversies. When a dispute becomes moot—when the court can no longer provide relief to the plaintiff—the federal court loses its authority to proceed further. That happened here. Greg Ruggles was upset by actions taken by his father, Don Ruggles, with their family company, so he went to court to stop Don’s 2 No. 22-1138 moves. But Don died while this dispute was on appeal, and his passing meant that Greg could no longer receive the relief he sought in this lawsuit. The court dismissed the case as moot. A constructive trust over Don’s voting shares or an injunction to stop Don from voting his shares in a way that would adversely affect XPAC would be meaningless.

Decided 09/26/22


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