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DOJ provides new guidance on Marsy’s Law rights

DOJ provides new guidance on Marsy’s Law rights

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The Wisconsin Department of Justice has provided new guidance about the crime victims’ rights guaranteed under the recently approved Marsy’s Law.

About 75% of Wisconsinites who voted in the April 7 election approved the amendment to the Wisconsin constitution, which gives victims of crimes more protections and rights.

The Wisconsin DOJ outlined the amendment’s provisions in an updated list of constitutional rights for crime victims posted on Wednesday. The document provides guidance for victims, law-enforcement officials and the public. The department also added victim information forms for law enforcement.

Marsy’s Law duplicated many of the victims’ rights provided in the Wisconsin constitution and state law, such as the right to privacy and the right to attend court proceedings. It also gives victims new rights, including the right to seal information that could be used to find them and the right to be heard at plea and parole hearings.


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