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Wisconsin judge hears challenge to 234K voter registrations

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MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Wisconsin judge will consider Friday whether to immediately toss out the registrations of up to 234,000 voters in a lawsuit brought by conservatives in an action that could make it harder for people to vote next year in this swing state.

At issue is whether the state elections commission should have invalidated the registrations of voters who were flagged as having potentially moved and who didn’t respond to an October mailing within 30 days.

The case is important for both Republicans and Democrats ahead of the 2020 presidential race in narrowly divided Wisconsin, which President Donald Trump won by fewer than 23,000 votes in 2016. Liberals fear the voters who could be purged are more likely to be Democrats. Conservatives argue that allowing them to remain on the rolls would increase the risk of voter fraud.

It’s not clear how quickly Ozaukee County Circuit Judge Paul Malloy will rule, but either way the case is likely to eventually wind up in the hands of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, where conservatives control five of the seven seats.

Three voters, represented by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, brought the challenge to the elections commission’s handling of the matter.

The commission, which has an equal number of Republicans and Democrats, is fighting the lawsuit. It argues that the law gives it the power to decide how to manage the voter registration list. It wants to wait until after the April 2021 election before removing anyone, citing concerns that everyone identified may not have moved and that removing them would create confusion.

The commission also argued that leaving a registered voter on the polls, even if the person has moved, does not mean they will actually commit fraud by voting at their old address.

The elections commission decided to wait longer than 30 days to deactivate voters because of problems in 2017 after about 343,000 voters were flagged as potential movers. More than 300,000 people who did not respond were deactivated, leading to confusion, anger and complaints. Wisconsin allows same-day voter registration, but it requires photo ID and proof of address.

A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel analysis, published on Thursday, of the 234,000 voters whose registrations are at risk found that some of the highest percentages would be in Wisconsin’s two largest cities and places with college campuses — epicenters of Democratic support. Milwaukee and Madison account for 23% of the letters that were sent to voters who may have moved. More than half of the letters went to voters in municipalities where Democrat Hillary Clinton defeated Trump in 2016, the analysis found.

Barry Burden, director of the Elections Research Center at the University of Wisconsin, said people who move frequently tend to be younger, less likely to be married, more likely to be non-white, and have low incomes. And he said they’re more likely to be Democratic voters.

Burden said if the lawsuit is successful, “it could present a significant hurdle for Democratic campaigns, who will need to redouble their efforts to do voter education and registration.”

By Dec. 5, only about 16,500 of those who received the mailing had registered at their new address. More than 170,000 hadn’t responded, and the postal service was unable to deliver notifications to nearly 60,000 voters.

Although the lawsuit is pending, the commission has asked the Republican-controlled Legislature to provide clarity by passing a law or empowering the commission to create procedures on how to deal with voters who have moved.

Wisconsin has about 3.3 million registered voters out of about 4.5 million people of voting age.

Next year’s presidential race isn’t the only high-stakes election that could be affected by the registration lawsuit. Wisconsin has a February primary for a seat on the highly partisan state Supreme Court. The state’s presidential primary is in April.

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  1. The real issue surrounding hundreds of thousands of WISCONSIN Registered voters ( who supposedly moved ) yet mysteriously end up voting in elections in front of election monitors, representing ( CAIR, NAACP, ACLU, BLM, and a host of other SOROS funded and many funded under Obama of whom many between elections are Democrat Ballot Harvesting workers ALL IN ACCORD WITH SOROS/OBAMA ACORN community organized Democrat elections in tandem with Ballots where over the last 13 years in sanctuary cities are becoming a uniparty election whereby only Democrats are the choices on ballots.

    The only route to fair elections IF ITS POSSIBLE given RIGGED Ballot Choices is ID’s and Paper ballots, with camera footage so Federal Authority FBI can verify 100% of votes under FBI Protocol.

    Eventually we will likely Vote online with our perspectives and together online determine our issues, evaluating the variables instead of So-called legal facts = Someone’s opinion written in legalese we can replace the endless volumes of special interest case laws with Family Community Courts where we determine who/What represents risks to US and take appropriate action.

    Our AI-IT Modern telephone system whereby everyone has data transceivers (TELEPHONES WITH SCREENS) capable of receiving multiple incoming, outgoing calls (EMAILS);that can be stored, manipulated, to actually resurrect our Constitutional government A NATION GOVERENED BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE, ending the current Legal Tyranny whereby Lawyers, Judges, Banksters, have created new case laws giving them complete authority over every possible source of income/taxation the gangster congress see as an opportunity for self enrichment by passing out trillions to OLIGARCH RULED NATIONS in return for millions and a life of unlimited indulgence

    We can for the 1st time since we were a nation of few, can we become once again the leaders of a free nation based upon our Christian Morality, Ethics, and Logic that created our Engineering Design Manufacturing Marketing Infrastructure leading the entire world forward into better quality of life. But before we can resurrect a government By and For the People ( LEGAL PEOPLE,,BORN OF AMERICANS BORN IN AMERICA);before the last 30+ years of a POLITICAL GOAL OF OPEN BORDERS & ONE BANK, ONE GOVERNMENT MARXIST WORLD ruled by TYRANNICAL OLIGARCHS Themselves caste/class free, ruling over a world of castes/classes which is essentially a return of One Kingdom World

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