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No more open records requests for Judicial Council

The chair of the Wisconsin Judicial Council said there are no pending open records requests for the committee as of Friday.

The council received a request from the Wisconsin Civil Justice Council in January 2019 asking for records relating to 2017 Act 235. The act made changes to the state’s civil litigation rules, including rules of civil procedure. The committee had to submit council members’ emails and drafts of the changes to the Wisconsin Civil Justice Council, an organization of businesses and professional groups that was one of Act 235’s biggest supporters.

At the Judicial Council’s Friday meeting, council chair Bill Gleisner said there weren’t any more open record requests at this time. Under state law, the members had to fulfill the original request, though how to go about it sparked debate when it was first received. In May, Gleisner said the committee had complied with the three phases of the request.

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