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High court issues order adding member to ATJ commission

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is adding a member to the state’s Access to Justice Commission.

The Access to Justice Commission, a 17-person body established by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in 2009, has done work in the past ranging from supporting a rule change allowing unclaimed money from class-action lawsuits to be used for civil legal aid to participating on a Legislative committee that studied civil legal services in the summer and produced legislation.

The president of the commission, David Hoffer, filed a petition in October asking the high court to add an 18th member to the commission’s board of directors. The new member would be appointed by the president of the Wisconsin Tribal Judges Association.

The justices discussed the petition in a closed conference on Monday and voted to grant the request, finding that there was no need to have a public hearing or take comments on the matter. The court issued a written order the same day.

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