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Verhoff a solution provider for all of her clients

Verhoff a solution provider for all of her clients

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Laura Skilton Verhoff - Stafford Rosenbaum (Staff photo by Kevin Harnack)
Laura Skilton Verhoff –
Stafford Rosenbaum (Staff photo by Kevin Harnack)

Laura Skilton Verhoff always pictured having a job where she could assist other people with their problems. Initially after graduation, she took a job as a special education teacher. A few years later, Verhoff decided to study law.

“Going to law school, I think, was always in the picture. Being an attorney and a teacher do not seem similar on the surface, but they are both about helping people,” said Verhoff, a partner at Stafford Rosenbaum in Madison.

At Stafford Rosenbaum, she specializes in multiple areas, including creditors’ rights in bankruptcy, litigation and estate planning and probate. While they may not seem on the surface to have a lot in common, Verhoff said they all involve helping clients solve problems.

“It could be a problem related to a bankruptcy that needs to be solved or maybe an estate planning question that needs to be answered,” she said. “And something with collections and bankruptcy or an estate can end up in litigation.”

Verhoff said she enjoys the variety.

“Everyday it is something new and there’s a lot of trouble shooting,” she said. “There’s a lot of out-of-the-box thinking required.”

With her busy practice, client service plays an integral role.

“Clients know I am thinking about their cases and that I am responsible to their needs,” she said.

Two areas where Verhoff sees frequent success involves defending vehicle manufacturers against lemon laws and breach of warranty claims, and obtaining judgments on a regular basis against delinquent consumers on behalf of a large utility company.

“Laura has such a wide range of expertise and is a help to her profession and community,” said Christopher Hughes, managing partner at Stafford Rosenbaum. “She displays professionalism and passion for everything that she does.”

In addition to her legal caseload, Verhoff is active in multiple legal organizations, such as the Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund, which raises money for three different organizations that provide legal services for those who cannot afford it.

“The state keeps cutting budgets for these organizations and it is a great group of lawyers from all over the state who work together on this,” she said. “When it comes time to figure out what organizations you want to get involved in, get involved with something you enjoy doing. You want to be happy when you are there, so find a cause or group mission that works best for you.”


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