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GOP gives Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Screnock $31,000

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin Republican Party has given a $31,000 in-kind contribution to Michael Screnock, a candidate for the state Supreme Court.

Races for the court are officially nonpartisan, but the partisan lines are clear for each of the three candidates running this year.

Screnock is a Sauk County circuit judge who has the support of conservatives, even though he’s claiming to be nonpartisan. Madison attorney Tim Burns has declared himself a Democrat as he runs the most partisan race of the three. Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Rebecca Dallet is also going after Democratic voters, while saying she’s the only truly independent candidate.

Both Dallet and Burns criticized the GOP donation to Screnock, with Dalley’s campaign saying he’s intentionally misleading voters saying that he is nonpartisan.

The Republican Party has given to Supreme Court candidates before.

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