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For the record, Lewandowski shines

Anna Lewandowski - Michael Best & Freidrich (Staff photo by Kevin Harnack)

Anna Lewandowski – Michael Best & Freidrich (Staff photo by Kevin Harnack)

Anna Lewandowski stands at the intersection of where new business and records management meet for Michael Best & Friedrich.

When new clients come in, she handles everything that’s needed to bring them on board — from conflict-of-interest checks to working with attorneys about how they want files set up. As cases close, Lewandowski then makes sure they are properly accounted for and filed away correctly.

“I am fortunate that I am surrounded by a good team of people to work with,” said Lewandowski, who is currently the firm’s new business and records manager. “We have worked hard to set up best practices when it comes to bringing clients onboard and managing records. We are always looking to make things better.”

Firm administrator David Krutz said Lewandowski plays an essential quality-control function for Michael Best. By checking for possible conflicts of interest and then clearing any, she makes sure new clients and new cases are opened in a timely fashion, he said.

“I can’t overstate how important this function is, and the process needs to be performed quickly and accurately,” Krutz said. “If it is not, clients may choose to seek alternative legal representation.”

While a lot has changed since Lewandowski joined Michael Best 28 years ago, one thing hasn’t — cases still generate a lot of paperwork. As Michael Best moves toward electronic storage and paperless practices, Lewandowski needs to not only manage the storage of older paper documents, but also the newer ones that are being drawn up.

For example, Lewandowski is working to digitize older records. For documents stored off-site, she helps decide whether a record should be stored on a computer or destroyed.

“We look at something and think, ‘Can we get rid or it? Should we keep it and digitalize it?’” she said. “Then with today’s documents, some practice areas, like intellectual property, have gone paperless while other areas are still very much into their paper files. It’s a balancing act.”

“Anna really stands out among Michael Best employees by offering to help rather than waiting to be asked,” said Krutz, adding Lewandowski won the firm’s volunteer of the year award last year.

In addition to her job duties, Lewandowski plays a big role in the firm’s wellness program. She and two co-workers are wellness champions for the Michael Best office in Milwaukee, which means they develop and carry out different programs to improve employees’ health.

“We try to do some different things. For example, we had a luncheon focused on meditation and we also did something on how Reiki can help reduce stress,” Lewandowski said. “We have also done some cooking demonstrations and shown exercises on how to stretch your back at your desk.”

The office also brings in a massage therapist one Monday a month to provide chair massages.

“The sheet fills up as quickly as it goes up,” she said.

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