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Variety keeps Lison engaged, on her toes

Megan Lison - Paralegal - Hager, Dewick & Zuengler

Megan Lison – Paralegal –
Hager, Dewick & Zuengler

Megan Lison can rarely be found doing the exact same thing two days in a row.

That’s exactly the way the corporate law paralegal at Hager, Dewick & Zuengler in Green Bay likes it.

Sometimes she will handle real-estate transactions and similar deals. Other times, she will work on asset purchases that include 30 or so documents.

Throughout it all, she has found there is something awarding and fun about watching things come together from beginning to end, and ensuring everything is prepared smoothly and in order.

Even better, the variety prevents her work from becoming routine, Lison noted.

“It definitely keeps you on your toes,” she said.

Lison got her start with Hager, Dewick & Zuengler in 2014 as a receptionist.

Because of her demonstrated abilities, she was able to quickly become a paralegal, David Dewick of Hager, Dewick & Zuengler said.

But her professional growth did not stop there; she continues to take on new roles and responsibilities in the firm, he noted.

Lison was introduced to the legal profession at the age of 17 when she got her start at a law firm performing secretarial work.

“When I figured out that was something I wanted to do I tried to get an internship immediately,” she said.

Lison spent her senior year of high school in a program that allowed her to leave class halfway through the day to spend four hours working at a law firm. But she didn’t move into her current role immediately.

In the beginning, she was mostly involved in filling out forms; it was essentially fill-in-the-blank work, she said.

Her duties now could hardly be more different.

“This is definitely more … challenging,” Lison said, “which makes it more interesting.”

Even though Lison isn’t the face of the firm, she still derives satisfaction from working on cases until they are finished. She doesn’t need the spotlight and can instead take pride in smaller tasks, such as helping to assemble large documents for clients.

“It’s satisfying to me to see it all in one place,” she said.

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