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Madison firm, frequent foe of Gov. Walker shortens name

Lester Pines (File photo by Kevin Harnack)

Lester Pines (File photo by Kevin Harnack)

Cullen Weston Pines & Bach is now Pines Bach.

The Madison-based firm changed its name Tuesday, refreshing its website and getting a new logo.

Senior Partner Lester Pines said Wednesday that the firm had been looking to modernize its public presence and reintroduce the firm to the public.

“We intend for Pines Bach to be an important institution in this community as long as possible because this is a unique firm that has been very independent and client-focused and we plan to continue to be that way for a long time,” Pines said.

He said the change comes at the right time, given that Lee Cullen has retired and Cheryl Weston, who used to be of counsel, is now a law professor.

But Pines emphasized that the firm’s name change is not about retirements.

“It’s about ensuring the future of the firm and ensure that it is a long-term institution that people can rely on and know that it’s going to be here for decades,” he said.

Lawyers from Cullen Pines Weston & Bach have been enlisted in legal challenges of many of Gov. Scott Walker’s signature laws in recent years. Lester Pines, for instance, appeared before the state Supreme Court in November 2013 in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to overturn Act 10, the law from two years before that had stripped most public employees of the bulk of their collective-bargaining rights.

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