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By: Derek Hawkins//December 31, 2015


By: Derek Hawkins//December 31, 2015

7th Circuit Court of Appeals

Case Name: United States of America v. Bryce Woods

Case No.: 15-1495

Officials: POSNER, MANION, and SYKES, Circuit Judges.

Practice Area: Sentencing

Defendant-appellant’s securing of a lawful job while on bail not persuasive for purposes of lowering sentence below the guidelines.

“The fact that a defendant convicted of fraud is able to se‐ cure a lawful job while on bail is thus not a persuasive reason for giving him a below‐guidelines sentence; it does not prove rehabilitation; and so clear is this that the sentencing judge is not to be faulted for failing to explain why it isn’t a compelling reason for dipping below the bottom of the applicable guidelines range. According to the presentence report, the defendant’s annual earnings when employed by American Leaders were not quite $22,000, and if his criminal record keeps his earnings depressed when he is released from prison he may be tempted to try his hand at fraud again, and may succumb to the temptation.”


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