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Professional Responsibility

Wisconsin Supreme Court


Professional Responsibility

Where attorney James E. Hammis failed to report a misdemeanor conviction, and wrongfully withheld unearned fees, a 90-day suspension is appropriate.

“With respect to the appropriate level of discipline, after careful review of the matter, we conclude that a 90-day suspension is appropriate. This is not the first time that Attorney Hammis has been found to have committed professional misconduct. Some of the behavior in this case mirrors the misconduct that resulted in his four-month license suspension back in 2011. Although Attorney Hammis argues that the referee was biased against him, the referee found Attorney Hammis’s version of events to be incredible. Credibility determinations are particularly within the province of the trier of fact, and we find no basis to second-guess them.”

2012AP818-D OLR v. Hammis

Per curiam.

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