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Bail Jumping – Sufficiency of the evidence

Wisconsin Court of Appeals


Bail Jumping – Sufficiency of the evidence

Face-to-face contact is not required in order for a defendant to commit bail jumping by violating a no contact order.

“In sum, the jury instruction requiring the State to prove that Bowen made ‘contact with [F.B.]’ did not require the State to show that F.B. saw Bowen or that Bowen directly communicated with F.B. F.B.’s testimony that she saw Bowen’s truck in the driveway, heard glass breaking, and heard someone walking up and down her stairs, combined with police officer testimony that Bowen was found intoxicated in F.B.’s basement, was sufficient to demonstrate that Bowen made ‘contact with [F.B.].’ As such, we affirm.”


Recommended for publication in the official reports.

2014AP767-CR State v. Bowen

Dist. I, Milwaukee County, Dallet, J., Brennan, J.

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