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OLR clears Happ

A complaint filed by a sexual assault victim against Democratic attorney general candidate Susan Happ for allegedly letting a defendant off easy because he bought Happ’s house has been dismissed by the Office of Lawyer Regulation.

The OLR’s letter, authored by intake investigator Cathe Hahn and released by Happ’s campaign on Monday, states that Happ, Jefferson County’s district attorney, “was timely screened from any participation in the case” against Daniel Reynolds.

Reynolds was investigated in fall 2011 by the Jefferson Police Department because of allegations that he sexually assaulted a young girl. Court records indicate Happ’s office opened a case on him sometime in 2012 and ended up charging him with two felony counts of sexual assault of a child in May 2013.

Meanwhile, in 2009, Reynolds entered into a three-year contract to purchase Happ and her husband’s home for $180,000. The deal called for Reynolds to make $1,500 monthly payments and pay for the entire house by December 2012. Land records show the deed moved to Reynolds in May 2012.

In March 2013, Happ’s office agreed to a deferred prosecution deal with Reynolds. The agreement allows him to avoid a conviction if he submits to monitoring and evaluations, according to Reynolds’ defense attorney.

In September, the victim filed a complaint with the OLR. Republican candidate Brad Schimel and his supporters have hammered Happ for Reynolds’ case.

But the OLR’s letter states that Happ had no involvement in Reynolds’ prosecution, and that any signatures on case filings were computer generated.

“I have said from the beginning that this case was handled correctly and in accordance with State Supreme Court rules,” a statement released by Happ’s campaign reads. “I properly screened myself off from any decision making in the case. I am pleased that has been confirmed independently by the Office of Lawyer Regulation.”

The Associated Press also contributed to this report.

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