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40 years parole eligibility in woman’s homicide

Wood County corrections officers lead Gabriel Campos down a hallway in the Wood County Courthouse in Wisconsin Rapids,, Wis., Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013, following his sentencing to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 40 years, in the killing of his former girlfriend Maisie E. McCullough. Campos was arrested at a Wisconsin Rapids motel with his 2-year-old son in September 2012, a day after his ex-girlfriend was found with her throat cut in the bathtub of a home the couple once shared. (AP Photo/The Daily Tribune, Casey Lake)

Wood County corrections officers lead Gabriel Campos down a hallway in the Wood County Courthouse in Wisconsin Rapids on Tuesday following his sentencing to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 40 years. Campos killed his former girlfriend, Maisie McCullough. (AP Photo/The Daily Tribune, Casey Lake)

WISCONSIN RAPIDS, Wis. (AP) — A 22-year-old Marshfield man convicted of killing the mother of his child has been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 40 years.

Gabriel Campos was arrested at a Wisconsin Rapids motel with his 2-year-old son in September 2012, a day after his ex-girlfriend was found with her throat cut in the bathtub of a home the couple once shared.

Marshfield police testified during a preliminary hearing that blood DNA that Campos had on his legs and in his car and a blood-covered knife in his vehicle matched the victim, 18-year-old Maisie McCullough. Authorities say McCullough had recently ended her relationship with Campos before she was killed.

WSAW-TV says Campos earlier pleaded guilty to first-degree intentional homicide.

Information from: WSAW-TV, http://www.wsaw.com


  1. this young man should never be let out of prison….. From watching the shoe, ” evil lives here, ” if he is released, probably be alot more killings.. He’s nuts……

  2. He’s absolutely nuts and his ex didn’t deserve that violent death! Now, the baby has no mother. As far as Derricks mother though? Nothing but excuses for why she never did anything to get help BEFORE he even became a teenager! She is saying that she knew he was evil and he scared her from a young age. Where did she take him? Nowhere.

  3. I just don’t understand, she was going to be a nurse – how did she not have her son seen by a professional very early? She could have had him committed if necessary. I would have liked to know how he got on at school, there was no mention.

  4. I don’t understand – as someone who was going to be a nurse – how she didn’t have him seen by a professional, as soon as she started feeling something was ‘off’ about him. She could have had him committed even at that young age – and the murder may not have happened, her marriage may still be intact.

  5. I watched the Evil Lives Here and his mother should be in prison.

    you created that monster and should spend the same amount of time as he does.


  6. Mother enabled him his whole life and he was never wrong, according to her. She even gave Derek permission to rape a 15 year old girl (Maisie) by letting them live with her.

  7. I would love to have someone care about me so much that they are willing to kill me for love. If you think this is crazy o well. I would have been the perfect woman for him, I would have done everything he wanted. Obviously he loved her to death it may be twisted but that’s what true love is. Wish there was a way to find him I would love to pen pal him. Tried to find him online but its terribly hard to get ahold of anyone just a bunch of spam ads.

  8. What’s scary, is that she is now raising her grandson, Derek’s son. Let’s pray she don’t raise yet another cold-blooded killer. Per her own words, she did things that enabled him.

  9. Why has no one mentioned that the NAME in this article is incorrect. Gabriel is the son!!!

    Jesus Christ.

    Also, to all the people “BLAMING” the mother – you have NO IDEA what her history is. You have not been in her shoes or experienced what she’s been through. ffs.

    Shaming her doesn’t make you any better.

  10. Nadine,
    You are no better than that mother. She should have buried him when he was in the hospital as a baby. Yes I solely put 100% of the blame on the mother who obviously is a dumb as a bag of rocks who did not instill any kind of discipline to the kid when he was younger. Even the step-dad wanted to smack some manners and sense into the kid. I can just imagine the kids that have parents like Nadine that will have an excuse for their murderous behavior. Seek help Nadine, as you may be next.

  11. Derek was quiet in high school, I got along with him fine. He just didn’t talk much, thought he was shy. For posters that are unaware Derek changed his name to Gabriel Campos. I knew Maisie too, I still find it hard to believe after all these years.

  12. Glad this little pr*^k is doing life. His mother should be in the same cell with him.
    I was horrified to hear that she is raising her grandson. The court who okayed THAT should have their heads examined!

  13. This “mother” is sick and she should be the one dead, not that sweet, innocent girl. Her and her son should have been the ones to die. Watching her interview is sickening. What an enabling, stupid, sick pig!

  14. Dominic delburton

    Boy Lucy…you are as sick as the mom and her son. Dereck? Gabriel? Whatever persona he has taken on today. This animal deserves death. Too bad he was allowed to procreate…the genes will live on…psycho that he is.

  15. She looks morbidly obese. I can’t see someone her size being able to work in the medical field. All she did was make excuses for her son’s bad behavior. She is in a frickin dreamland. Brings an adult make into this chaos, yet always sided with her son? No wonder the marriage didn’t last long. This lady has some screws loose. The son has her wrapped. Pathetic. I’m not sure who is worse here, but they are both PATHETIC.

  16. Lucy you are just as sick as he is .

  17. Nadine thank you and i agree with you parents are not always to blame for childrens sinns

  18. Nonya you are a Stupid person .

  19. First of all he was adopted. Secondly how can people just blatantly insult the mother? Unless you were there, you have no clue what she endured. This is a watered down version of what did happen. The are parents who will try to commit their children and sometimes that don’t work.

  20. My sister got pregnant at age 21 many years ago, and had the baby in order to not have to work. Although the child grew up under the poverty level, she spoiled him so much that you would think that he grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth in regards to how entitled he acted. I was the last person in the world as far as seeking to discipline him, but I recall one time of actually saying “no” to him when he was about 12, and he stabbed me with a sharpened pencil. He didn’t quite have the proclivity towards psychopathic behavior like Derek Campos, but he has had nothing but problems his whole life, including long-term meth use leading to addiction, mental problems, criminal activity, domestic abuse, as well as big health problems. Due to various factors, both of them currently have serious and incorrigible mental problems! After decades of humiliation, harassment, and general mayhem that I’ve endured, just as soon as the right time comes I’m looking to move very far away and get away from both of them forever! I’m so ashamed that our family finally ended up contributing to poisoning the world with more garbage people.

  21. Of course viewers reacted negatively to this mother’s story that she gave this kid whatever he wanted to “make him happy.” It’s baloney. That’s just her STORY, what she tells herself. She gave him things and free rein as a substitute for the love she never felt for him, to relieve her guilt. She didn’t even like him, even when he was a toddler. Her entire focus was on whether he showed her affection, and whether SHE felt rejected, as if he was born to validate her as a mother. But he was a toddler, then a young boy. Sometimes children don’t learn to attach properly because their parents couldn’t attach to THEM. It would be interesting to know what this mother’s childhood was like, and why she concluded her son had failed her and was evil even before he was school age. Psychopaths can be born, or made, or a little of both. This mother never fostered human connection or empathy in her son, and if he ever had any capacity for that, it’s long gone now and he is where he belongs.

  22. Or course people have a huge problem with this kids mom, she never tried to be an actual parent she just gave the kid any & everything he wanted instead of setting boundaries & being the parent. I couldn’t stand to listen to this woman for a second longer bout halfway through & Googled the story to finish it because I couldn’t stand to listen to her another second. She admits she knew what she was doing was wrong but did it anyway and wonders why the kid turned out how he did smfh. She NEVER EVER should of been a parent, EVER.

  23. Ame, you are exactly right! I had a neighbor who had a young son. This kid was pure evil. She came to my house once to help me paint. She brought him along; he was probably 6. My kids were away from home at the time so we took him to the playroom to play while we worked. At one point she went to check on him and it was taking her longer than normal to come back. When I went to make sure everything was OK, I noticed she was on the floor crying and he was standing above her just staring at her. She turned around to look at me and in her hands was my daughter’s baby guinea pig. He had killed it. She said it was an accident and that he felt terrible but he said nothing. There were no tears. No emotion at all. She said let me help you clean up and asked if he could sit at my computer while we cleaned. I said fine and I put him at the computer desk. My birdcage was next to the desk and while I was logging him in, he turned to me and said I’m going to kill your bird. I put my finger in his chest and I said if you touch one feather on my bird he will peck your eyes out and I’m going to let him. About 10 minutes later he complained he was bored. I could tell she was embarrassed and wanting to leave and I was ready for them to go. Later as a teenager he got into legal trouble with another boy. He already had a juvenile record and he knew if he got in trouble again he wouldn’t be able to get his drivers license. She hired a lawyer and spent thousands in preparation for the court hearing. The other boy was being raised by his grandmother who didn’t have money so they had a court appointed lawyer. He convinced his friend to go out to his grandfathers farm one afternoon before the hearing so they could shoot guns. Guns his mother bought him. When they came back, the friend was terrified and wanted nothing more to do with him. Wouldn’t take his calls, changed his number, would want his grandmother to say he wasn’t home when the boy would stop by. Then the next thing you know the kid tells his lawyer that this other boy wasn’t involved in the crime and he had done it by himself. His friend later told his grandmother that this boy had threatened him that day out at the farm and said he would bring him out to the farm, shoot him and burn his remains and no one would ever find him. His mother had Basically given up and she really just let him do whatever he wanted to do. One night we were all out and she and I were talking and she was telling me that she never bonded with him. She said as a baby she would leave him in his crib and he would cry incessantly. She said she had such severe postpartum depression and she just never got attached to him. I will not be surprised if he ends up in prison.

  24. This mom is totally messed up herself. She had zero parenting skills. And she created the monster that her son became.

  25. His mom never once disciplined him and let him get away with everything. Now that child has no parents. I can’t believe she ended up with the grandson. She shouldn’t be allowed to raise him. She’s absolute trash.

  26. This mother doesn’t understand her own responsibilities in grow this monster. She doesn’t see she created this monster. He’s responsible for his own behavior and murdering this young girl. The baby, grandson should never be with the grandmother. She will do it again because she doesn’t see her own part in creating the killer. What a mess!!!

  27. I just watched this on Evil Lives Here and I am sickened that this woman who did such a horrible job raising her son is now raising the grandson. It is obvious from watching this show that she did a horrible job with this kid. She gave that kid every single thing he wanted and let him act any way with absolutely zero consequences. When she said he threw down the brand new Play Station because he was mad. What did she do?? She packed it back up and returned it and got him a new one. WHAT?!? That tells me everything I need to know about how this mother raised her son and now she is responsible for the grandson. I certainly hope age and experience has kicked in so she does a better job the second time around.

  28. Wow Rebecca – that’s a scary story. They say serial killers start out killing small animals. I bet this kid will end up doing something terrible. I would love to know what ever happens to him out of curiosity. Thanks for sharing.

  29. I watched this in complete horror as ALL of the “evil” behaviors he had as a child were that of autism. Anti social, meltdowns, lack of showing affection, sorting and long up toys, overly possessive of inanimate objects, being in his own world, etc. I have an autistic child, these are classic symptoms. What the mom did was avoid his issues instead of getting him help. Discipline would not have helped, it actually hurts and can make a situation violent towards others or they might self harm. They won’t forget either and can hold grudges for a lifetime, like the Christmas day incident. By autistic standards, her husband was mentally abusive. To someone who is autistic life needs routine, Christmas is routine, get up, open gifts. Being forced to change that routine, especially one with emotional anticipation is involved, is mentally and emotionally damaging and could cause hatred that others wouldn’t define as within normal limits for a situation. I can imagine daily life was a silent struggle that festered into rage and anger as he grew up. This does not excuse what he did but this could have possibly been avoided if he had gotten help as a child. To hear her say she doesn’t want his son to be like him yet she states he had food aversions and it freaks her out gives me little hope for the son. He’s not showing signs of evil, food aversion is a sign of autism as well, which can be hereditary. Her avoidance, be it as a parent or with alcohol, is the real issue here. One I wished the show had addressed due to autism being so prevalent in today’s society. But I guess being Autistic isn’t as good for rating as being a sociopath.

  30. Lucy. Are you crazy? You want a boyfriend who loves you enough to kill you? Or is that sarcasm? Seems like you mean it. He would kill you too. Dead and gone.

  31. Beyond all that, he offered another inmate $4600, a car and an AK to murder Maise’s (deceased) new boyfriend. He got additional time for that. Tormented and twisted.

  32. I think that this person has a SERIOUS mental health issue . I don’t know why more people haven’t mentioned this. He has clearly been ill since he was a little boy and if you haven’t been around someone with serious mental illness, then it’s terribly difficult to explain the way it affects family, friends and the individual. Everyone’s psyche is multidimensional and you can not place blame on any one person or issue as the root cause of further behavior, that’s nonsense. This man needs to be punished for what he did, but I also believe he would benifit from some long term psychological therapy/treatment.

  33. The mother allowed this behavior, now she deals with the slack, whether or not she adopted him. And, how in the world she ended up with custody of her grandson is beyond me — family courts are messed up, but just why, ya know .. It’s one thing to give kids what they want as long as there are rules/boundaries … but evidently she just let him get away with everything, so she created a monster … and probably will create another one (her grandson), and wouldn’t be surprised if she tries to say “his father did the same” as an excuse.

  34. I miss my cousin so much ❗

  35. Not sure why people here think he was adopted? She starts the story off saying she got pregnant her first year of college. I’m guessing she had no family support to help raise this little piece of evil. She had zero parenting skills, but I bet her background wasn’t great either before she got pregnant. Some people are born evil and she just allowed it to manifest because she didn’t know what to do. Very sad all around. Wish the grandson had been adopted out, but likely if she didn’t take him he would face gone into the foster system which is a horrible thing. I just hope she is getting supervision to help raise this child.

  36. She’s guilty of allowing this kid to run the household because she was lazy and not willing to parent since she got knocked up so young. This is why abortion MUST stay legal and be enforced when it’s evident lazy fatsos like her can’t take cate of themselves let alone a HUMAN LIFE dependent on you for everything. Derek never stood a chance and she ignored the obvious. When he knocked up Maise, this fatso was a drunk ignoring the fact Maise was underage. That was a way to get Derek arrested. Get him out of the public and into a facility to keep him from hurting people. Nope she lets a teen live in her house with her homicidal son. Then they have a baby which fatso loser drunk mom should have had Maise and the child leave and never let Derek know their whereabouts. He killed her which was bound to happen and now the same fat lazy drunk loser who barely ‘raised’ a murderer is raising his son? She can’t even keep his name straight when she’s on the Evil Lives Here show. She shouldn’t be NEAR that baby. Why doesn’t Maises parents have custody? Why would the courts grant HER custody when she clearly proved she SUCKED at being a parent? He needs to die in prison and let’s all pray the child doesn’t turn out like him or know anything about him.

  37. Ame you are completely off base. She loved her child at first but she knew somewhere deep inside there was something wrong. He didn’t turn out how he did bc of her! Not even bc of her spoiling him. He is wired wrong. She wasn’t looking for validation from him. She wanted a hug or a kiss from her son but he just didn’t have that connection. Your radar is way off. There are lots of spoiled kids and they don’t murder. And too who ever said she is obese how could she work in medical field? Really? Ugh people make me sick. Get over yourselves.

  38. Jessica, I agree I also have a child on the spectrum and the whole time watching His episode on “Evil lives here” I was getting a strong sense he was also on the Autism spectrum.

  39. Um… excuse, but how is it that they never contacted the victim’s family before his mother??? She was my sister-in-law, so I know. Complete b.s. that the show would only want her side of the story. DISGUSTING.

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