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2010AP733-CR State v. Crawford

Criminal Procedure
Law of the case

The State appeals an order suppressing the contents of Anthony Crawford’s duffel bag.  In a previous appeal State v. Crawford, No. 2008AP2472-CR, unpublished slip op. (WI App June 23, 2009), this court reversed Crawford’s conviction and directed the circuit court to suppress evidence seized after Crawford’s unlawful arrest. The State dismissed the case and immediately filed a new complaint charging the same offenses as those alleged in the initial complaint. Crawford moved to suppress the evidence and the circuit court granted the motion, concluding the earlier appeal compelled that result based on issue preclusion and the “law of the case doctrine.” We need not determine whether issue preclusion applies because we conclude that this court’s previous direction to suppress the evidence is law of the case. Affirmed. This opinion will not be published.

2010AP733-CR State v. Crawford

Dist. III, Bayfield County, Anderson, J., Per Curiam.

Attorneys:    For Plaintiff: Sarah K. Larson, Madison; For Defendant: Suzanne L. Hagopian, Madison.

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