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Lawsuit says SC Johnson’s green labeling deceptive

RACINE, Wis. (AP) — A civil lawsuit and recently proposed federal regulations raise questions about S.C. Johnson’s self-imposed green labeling.

The litigation contends the Racine company is deceptively implying that some of its products have be tested by a neutral party and found to be environmentally friendly. Windex and Shout carry the “Greenlist” seal of approval. But the word “Greenlist” is actually a patent held by S.C. Johnson.

The company denies the label is misleading. S.C. Johnson spokesman Christopher Beard said the “Greenlist” system has helped the company eliminate nearly 48 million pounds of volatile organic compounds from its products in the last five years.

According to the Journal Sentinel, proposed federal regulations say it’s deceptive for a company to imply a product has been certified by an independent third party.

Information from: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, http://www.jsonline.com

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  1. It’s news to me that a word can be patented.
    I thought that was in the realm of Trademark Law.

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