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2009AP3167-CR State v. Moore

Other acts; hearsay; right to present defense

Kevin Moore appeals his conviction for intentionally murdering his wife. He makes four separate arguments as to why his conviction should be overturned: 1) there was insufficient evidence to convict him, 2) the trial court erred in admitting evidence of his spending habits at a gentlemen’s club, 3) the trial court erred in admitting the victim’s statements to a coworker about their marriage, and 4) the trial court erred in refusing to admit evidence of a neighbor’s refusal to talk to defense investigators about the crime. We reject all of his arguments and affirm. Not recommended for publication in the official reports.

2009AP3167-CR State v. Moore

Dist II, Fond du Lac County, Nuss, J., Brown, C.J.

Attorneys: For Appellant: Jensen, Jeffrey W., Milwaukee; For Respondent: St. John, Rebecca Rapp, Madison; Kaminsky, Daniel, Fond du Lac

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