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Court denies diploma privilege petition

Steven A. Levine

Steven A. Levine

The Wisconsin Supreme Court began a busy Monday by formally denying a petition to extend the diploma privilege beyond the state’s two law schools.

The justices cited the fact that both Marquette Law School and the University of Wisconsin Law School provide state-specific courses as justification for maintaining the current form of the diploma privilege.

Some justices also expressed skepticism as to whether graduates of other law schools would have the same pedigree as those from Marquette and UW.

Petitioner Steven A. Levine considered that thought to be “insulting” and expressed disappointment that the court would not support a 10-year trial of an expanded diploma privilege.

“For them to not even want to try and expand this shows a close-minded attitude,” he said in an interview.

Levine said at this point, he plans to “let things calm down”, but suggested that a productive next step might be for graduates of law schools outside Wisconsin to form a section of the State Bar to defend their interests.

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  1. The court’s decision was the correct one. It was not “insulting.” It was an easy decision to make. ce was__
    As Dean Kearney said, surely the court has better things to do than deal with the diploma privilege. I could care
    less that other states do not see fit to have one. That is their decision. I care about Wisconsin
    lawyers who are trying to make a living. Wisconsin lawyer are suffering. My attention is
    on them and not attorneys in other states. Flooding the market with lawyers from other
    states is the last thing we need.

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