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The January Jury Expert Is On Line

By: ANNE REED//February 2, 2009//

The January Jury Expert Is On Line

By: ANNE REED//February 2, 2009//

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ImageThe ASTC’s Jury Expert on-line magazine has been so well received that announcing a new issue is now the easiest post I ever have to write. This is all straight from the table of contents, and I don’t need to add anything to make it clear how relevant each article is:

On the Obstacles to Jury Diversity, by Samuel R. Sommers

Should you be concerned with the diversity of your jury? How much difference does racial composition make in the final verdict? Sam Sommers examines these issues and makes recommendations for attorneys. This article is accompanied with responses from three experienced trial consultants.

Ethical Issues in Racial Profiling, by Annabelle Lever

Should trial attorneys and experts condemn racial profiling as a police practice while condoning racial profiling in jury selection at trial? A British philosopher and ethicist poses the question and three experienced trial consultants respond.

Take Me to Your Leader: An Examination of Authoritarianism as an Indicator of Juror Bias, by Gayle Herde

An experienced trial consultant offers a brief review of the literature on authoritarianism and how the concept is applicable to litigation advocacy. The author gives suggestions on how to apply the concept of legal authoritarianism to identify authoritarian jurors and to determine whether you want them on your jury or if you want them off.

Strategies and Tactics for Addressing Anti-Muslim Bias in the Courtroom, by Naveen Khan, Dennis C. Elias

These articles are presented in response to a reader request for perspectives on how to approach anti-Muslim bias. Two experienced trial consultants provide tips, tactics and strategies for identifying, planning for, and minimizing the impact on your case when faced with anti-Muslim bias in the courtroom (or in deposition, or witness preparation, or case-planning).

The Lesser Known Benefits of Forensic Animation, by Eugene Liscio

This article addresses the benefits of using forensic animations before you ever get to the courtroom. The author reviews these benefits through a focus on targeting the audience, getting it right, allowing the review of 'what if' scenarios, and testing hypotheses. This article is accompanied by responses from three experienced trial consultants.

Each of those links is to the individual article; you can download the whole thing, and subscribe to future issues, here. Congratulations again to TJE editor Rita Handrich of Keene Trial Consultants; Rita’s work on this still-new publication continues to amaze.


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