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Voter Fraud

In one scene in the 1985 movie, “The Breakfast Club,” the high school burnout, John Bender, asks the nerd, Brian Johnson, why he needs a fake ID. “So I can vote,” Brian answers.

The answer is rich with irony for those of us in Wisconsin. The movie is set outside of Chicago, Illinois, where, in 1960, they elevated vote fraud from simple avocation to art form.

Here, in Wisconsin, many think such things don’t even exist. Yet, the reality is, had the young Mr. Johnson lived in Wisconsin, he’d have no need to get a fake ID just to vote.

He could have registered, and voted, without ever once being required to prove eligibility.

How do I know?

Because in November 1984, I voted for president (and senator, and an assortment of other offices). That’s not so unusual … except that I did not turn 18 until December 1984.

“How could that happen?” you ask.

It was easy. Some group set up a voter registration booth on the campus of the University of Wisconsin, and the worker asked me if I wanted to register. He never asked for any proof of eligibility.

A week later I went to the polls and cast my vote. Again, no proof of age was required.

I had rather forgotten the incident until earlier this week, when I was in Madison. Voter registration was everywhere.

I assume that these voter registrars are paid by ACORN or one of their myriad subsidiary corporations.

When I voted illegally in 1984, I did not consider myself part of any voter fraud effort. I just figured that, if the government is this inept, why not?

Recent testimony at a federal legislative subcommittee hearing indicates the problem continues today.

Curiously, I never see voter registration here in downtown Milwaukee during the work day. I suspect it is because ACORN and its subsidiaries fear that people who work and pay taxes are unlikely to support their desired candidates.

But on a college campus (or jail), where the potential voters are beneficiaries of government, rather than its financiers, that is where the registration efforts occur.

As I noted, I did not consider myself part of a voter fraud problem back in 1984. And I assume that people who illegally register and vote today do not either. They likely figure as I did then, “What the heck?”

My illegal vote could have been easily prevented, if only Wisconsin required some form of identification to vote. But current law, as then, requires none.

Illegal votes could be prevented with the same minimal precautions we employ to prevent underage persons from buying alcohol or tobacco.

This is not “disenfranchisement.” It’s the bare minimum required to prevent the state and our election process from being the laughingstock of high school and underage college students.


  1. I rarely miss an opp to vote, but when I moved and reregistered this summer at Fitchburg city hall, I had to fill out an app with my drivers’ license ID, my SSN, my new address and correspondence.

    Your reference that to your expierence that “… current law, as then, requires …” no ID does not match my experience, nor does it match ad law as adminstered by the GAB.

    The two-step ad law requirement of proving my idenity and proving my residence are, if the city clerk’s office is to be believed, alive and well.

    Your thesis is further disconfirmed by the GAB’s webpage, see

    The GAB makes reference to HAVA.


    As of January 1, 2006, all municipalities in Wisconsin require voter registration prior to a person being allowed to vote.

    The federal “Help American Vote Act of 2002” requires any person registering to vote to:
    Supply his or her Wisconsin Department of Transportation – issued driver’s license number. If the elector has not been issued a Wisconsin driver’s license, he/she must provide the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number OR their Wisconsin state ID card number. If the elector does not have a current, valid Wisconsin driver

  2. Mr. Leon:

    I’m glad to know the city workers in fitchburg take their job seriously. Do you really think the same can be said of the ACORN-hired workers who get paid by the number of registrations they turn in? Because once registered, legitimately or not, no ID is required to actually cast the vote. That is “current law,” and that is an invitation to fraud.

  3. Not A Sock Puppet Voter

    Does anyone registering a potential voter make copies (create a paper trail) of the documents used? Take a picture of the voter, like the DMV does for the DL or state ID?

    Does anyone check to make sure the ID is valid? The numbers match the name? Does anyone make sure the numbers aren’t used for more than one person? One name have more than one number?

    In this day and age, how is it possible for someone not to have a SS#?

    Is there any verification of the information provided by the person registering?

    When it’s time to vote, is there any requirement to provide a government issued picture ID? Any validation of the picture id?

    I looked at the web page posted by M. Leon. How does one prove citizenship? Many of the items on the list below the quote, could be photoshopped, or created by some other means.

    When does a “drivers license number” show the age? If I tell you my drivers license number, do you know what I look like? What my address is? How old I am? Do you know if I made a mistake in repeating the number?

  4. sock puppet voter:
    actually, your driver’s license does show your age. the eighth and ninth digits are the year in which you were born.

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