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Alcohol + Caffeine

In very disheartening news, MillerCoors has delayed release of a new beverage that contains both alcohol and caffeine, called Sparks Red. The action comes as a response to threats from Big Brother (25 meddling state attorneys general, which thankfully, at least does not include Wisconsin’s).

The meddlers assert that mixing caffeine and alcohol is dangerous, and that the combination is aimed at underage drinkers. As someone who drinks at least two pots of very strong coffee everyday, I can’t help but wonder why I am not part of the target audience.

It goes without saying that any attempt to restrict the combination is doomed to fail. Mixing rum and coke, and drinking a shot of alcohol in a glass of Red Bull, are activities which will continue every day, regardless of whether this product reaches the market. My personal favorite combination is Starbuck’s liqueur – basically vodka that has been infused with a lot of coffee beans.

I encourage everyone to join me in a glass of Starbuck’s liqueur, or other alcohol/caffeine combination of your choice, and to hope that our local brewer can muster the courage to stand up against these bullies, and fight for liberty of contract and the right to manufacture/sell/market/drink alcohol in combination with any other legal drug of choice.

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