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06-C-0715 EEOC v. Management Hospitality of Racine, Inc.

Employment Hostile work environment; injunctions Where an employer restaurant was guilty of sexual harassment, it is appropriate that injunctive relief be issued covering all restaurants owned by the employer. “Defendants argue that injunctive relief cannot extend to the other IHOPs owned by Salauddin Janmohammed and managed by Flipmeastack because they are separate entities and not parties to this case. However, ...

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09-CR-235 U.S. v. McBride

Sentencing Felon in possession; marijuana trafficking A sentence served in the community is appropriate where the defendant’s criminal history category is overstated and he engaged in significant post-offense rehabilitation. “Defendant’s prior conviction for armed robbery distorted the guidelines’ recommendation. Ordinarily, I would agree that an armed robbery conviction suggests a greater risk with a gun and should result in a ...

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10-CR-31 U.S. v. Vang

Sentencing Drug trafficking Where the defendant did not know the amount of controlled substances involved in the one transaction he participated in, and did not profit from the transaction, a community sentence is appropriate. “The guidelines recommended 70-87 months, but that was based on defendant’s high drug weight, which substantially inflated his range and overstated the seriousness of his offense. ...

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