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2009AP1669 Fischer v. Steffen

Torts Subrogation; collateral source rule The collateral source rule does not entitle plaintiffs to recover the value of their insurer’s subrogation claim, when the insurer lost at arbitration. “In the present case, the arbitration panel found (and the insurers agreed) that the defendant was not causally negligent, and in the context of that finding the tortfeasor did not have to ...

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2010AP1359 Wachovia Mortgage FSB v. Dallas

Property Foreclosure; subrogation Where a mortgagee would be unjustly enriched if she were able to retain her interest in foreclosed property, her motion for reconsideration was properly denied. “World Savings Bank paid the debt for which Dallas was liable (the mortgage note she signed in connection with the Fair Finance loan) and for which she gave the mortgage to Fair ...

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