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Court: Legislator must turn over email records

A Democratic state senator must release the names and email addresses of people who sent him messages during the bitter debate over Republican Gov. Scott Walker's union restrictions to a conservative think tank, a state appeals court ruled Wednesday.

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Walker dismissed after serving on jury (UPDATE)

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker served two days as Juror No. 20 on a personal-injury case, but he was dismissed just before deliberations began Wednesday because the CEO of a company involved in the case had donated to his campaign.

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Walker empathizes with mascot bill opponents

Gov. Scott Walker gave his strongest signal yet Tuesday that he may sign a bill making it harder to remove race-based school mascots, saying he's concerned the current law may infringe on the free speech rights of public schools.

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Talk is cheap in John Doe probe

A lot of folks — perhaps too many — are spouting off about the John Doe probe launched by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office into the campaign of Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and more than two dozen conservative groups, among others.

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