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Editorial: The cost of justice

Although it appears Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser is about to win the biggest legal battle of his career, he should be worried, even embarrassed, about the cost.

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Lawmakers push justices to adopt formal recusal rules

Despite assurances from Chief Justice John Roberts that such a move was unnecessary and unwise, a group of lawmakers is pushing the Supreme Court to drop its current self-policing policy for recusals and formally adopt the same judicial code of ethics that binds other federal judges.

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Legal ethics a hot topic in 2011

Legal ethics news this year ran the gamut from high-tech – can I friend the employee of an opposing party? – to more traditional challenges, such as attorney advertising and judicial recusal.

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Supreme Court justices agree to play nice 

By DINESH RAMDE Associated Press MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin’s Supreme Court justices pledged Wednesday to work together in a collegial fashion, though some only reluctantly agreed to what was arguably the most toothless suggestion put forth by a chief justice hoping to repair the court’s reputation as divided and dysfunctional. Several justices said the pledge wasn’t necessary because they ...

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Judge to face disorderly conduct charges

Embattled Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Linda Van De Water will stand trial this fall for disorderly conduct charges. On Monday, Racine County Circuit Court Judge Gerald Ptacek set a trial date of Oct. 27 after denying a motion for recusal filed by the defense against District Attorney Michael Nieskes. According to court officials, Van De Water did not appear ...

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Recusal issue may return after Tuesday’s election

Defense attorneys may renew their campaign to recuse Justice Michael Gableman from criminal cases should attorney JoAnne Kloppenburg defeat Incumbent Justice David Prosser in Tuesday’s Wisconsin Supreme Court election. With Prosser on the court, the six state Supreme Court justices outside Gableman deadlocked on a previous motion regarding whether the court has power to consider motions for Gableman to recuse ...

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