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Julie Valadez

May 4, 2022

VALADEZ – PART 2: Returning to the subject of my most debated column

In all of the columns which I have written for this publication over the years (and there have been many) none have elicited more an angry response than my article on the Court of Appeals decision in Valadez v. Valadez, 2021AP1500: “The Valadez case: A bad start to the year."

Mar 15, 2022

THE VALADEZ CASE: She said her husband was abusive. A judge took away her kids and ordered her arrest.

After the judge in her Wisconsin divorce case ruled that her ex-husband — a man who had sought treatment for anger and alcohol issues — would get legal custody of and equal time with their four children, Julie Valadez vowed to fight back.

Feb 3, 2022

The Valadez case: A bad start to the year

The first family-law case to be recommended for publication by the Court of Appeals in almost two years makes me wish that it would have been longer. Well, the good news is that when I write my end of the year column for 2022 highlighting bad decisions, I will have a good start.


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