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Judge poised to allow help for disabled Wisconsin voters

A federal judge in Wisconsin signaled Wednesday that he will allow voters with disabilities to get help returning their ballots this fall, despite a state Supreme Court ruling that cast doubt on such assistance and state law suggesting it is not allowed.

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Judge orders changes at juvenile prisons (UPDATE)

A federal judge issued a stinging rebuke Friday of disciplinary practices at Wisconsin's youth prisons, saying state officials have demonstrated a "callous indifference" to the harm caused to juvenile inmates by the use of solitary confinement, pepper spray and shackles.

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Judge strikes down law on pregnant drug abusers

A federal judge has struck down a Wisconsin law that allowed the state to detain pregnant women suspected of drug or alcohol abuse, saying the 1998 law meant to protect developing fetuses was unconstitutionally vague.

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Judge calls out DMV on voter ID

U.S. District Judge James Peterson made the right call last week when he ordered the state to provide additional information to the public about how to get voting credentials but chose not to halt the state's voter ID law.

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Judge orders state to explain voting credentials process (UPDATE)

A federal judge ordered Wisconsin transportation officials Thursday to immediately produce documents clearly explaining how people who lack a photo ID can obtain voting credentials and to perform checks to ensure field workers are giving applicants correct information about the process.

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