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Gregg Herman

Mar 15, 2024

Sweet Home Alabama? Not So Much

The language is even more scary than the holding itself.

Feb 16, 2024

Law as a career

Watching the lawyers involved in numerous high-profile trials, from the various Trump cases to the Michigan mother of the school shooter, causes me to wonder: just how much do these lawyers actually believe what they’re advocating? 

Jan 16, 2024

A Look Back at 2023’s Debacles in the Law

Reflection on 2023

Nov 7, 2023

Court of Appeals punts

By avoiding the issue they not only missed an opportunity for a fascinating discussion but provided no assistance to prosecutors and trial courts.

Oct 17, 2023

Ties are for losers

Sports, being highly sensitive to public opinion, has greatly reduced the number of ties.  Football games have overtime.  Golf has extra holes.  Hockey and soccer (well, some soccer games) have shootouts. 

Sep 12, 2023

Not playing nice together

Can we be civil?

Aug 15, 2023

Defining Winning

What is the definition of winning?  “Win” has a clear meaning in sports, but what about in Law?

Jul 19, 2023

Are lawyers more ethical?

With the pandemic behind us, it seems like a good time to look at updated numbers. 

Jun 13, 2023

Age isn’t just a number when it comes to mandatory judicial retirement

The concept of serving beyond one’s “use by” date is not limited to judges. 

May 11, 2023

Meditating on mediation

The trial involved huge risks for both sides.

Apr 19, 2023

The good, bad, worse news to come from the Supreme Court election

Much as I like to vary topics in my monthly column, the recent Wisconsin Supreme Court election presents too much fodder for comment and is too important to simply let it go. 

Mar 23, 2023

Wisconsin on brink of constitutional crisis as courts face unprecedented DA, public defender shortage

Editors Note: Our Managing Editor, Steve Schuster spoke to Judges, the Office of Lawyer Regulation, Federal Prosecutors, District Attorneys throughout the Midwest, the State Bar of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Attorney General, Governor Tony's Evers office, as well as legislatures to determine the full extent of the problem and possible solutions on how to fix Wisconsin's broken criminal justice system.


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