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Updated: Supreme Court rules for Google, Twitter on terror-related content

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WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court on Thursday sided with Google, Twitter and Facebook in lawsuits seeking to hold them liable for terrorist attacks. But the justices sidestepped the big issue hovering over the cases, the federal law that shields social media companies from being sued over content posted by others. The justices unanimously rejected a lawsuit alleging that the companies ...

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How Google got states to legalize driverless cars

About four years ago, the Google team trying to develop cars driven by computers — not people — concluded that sooner than later, the technology would be ready for the masses. There was one big problem: No state had even considered whether driverless cars should be legal.

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Google loses appeal in Street View snooping case

A federal appeals court said Google wrongly collected people's personal correspondence and online activities through their Wi-Fi systems as it drove down their streets with car cameras shooting photos for its Street View mapping project.

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Judge Crabb dismisses Apple suit vs. Google

A federal judge in Madison on Monday threw out a suit by Apple Inc. claiming that Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility is seeking unreasonably high license fees for the use of patents on wireless technology.

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BEV BUTULA: Our vote is to inform yourself

The National Archives maintains a website on the U.S. Electoral College. The page is divided into several topics, including FAQs, “What is an Electoral College,” resources for state officials, and a general resource page.

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BEV BUTULA: Google and the elections

Earlier this month, Google announced that it is adding an “Elections” section to their News homepage. It is located on the left hand side of the main Google news page and selecting it will narrow your news stories to just those dealing with the election.

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