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09-3403 & 09-3684 U.S. v. Segal

Fraud Honest services A conviction for honest services fraud need not be reversed if the verdict can be supported by an alternative legal theory alleged in the indictment. “Contrary to Segal’s assertion that this case was presented as one primarily ...

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10-2194 Cole v. CIR

Tax Income tax; fraud Where the taxpayer is an attorney specializing in business planning and tax matters, the Tax Court reasonably found that he committed fraud by funneling income into entities that lacked any business purpose. “The Coles also concealed ...

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10-2757 In re Davis

Bankruptcy Discharge; fraud A judgment pursuant to a state’s home improvement act can be discharged in bankruptcy. “At bottom, this case involves a miscommunication, not fraud. Reeves and Davis had different understandings of what was included in the contract. The ...

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