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DOMA guidance could spur litigation wave

Recent guidance issued by the Department of Labor could trigger litigation over a new concern: whether private business owners with religious objections to gay marriage can be required to extend employment benefits to their employees’ same-sex spouses in states where such unions are not recognized.

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09-804 Cigna Corp. v. Amara

ERISA Equity Although ERISA does not give district courts authority to reform a pension plan, relief is authorized by sec. 502(a)(3), which allows a participant, beneficiary, or fiduciary “to obtain other appropriate equitable relief” to redress violations of ERISA “or ...

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09-1750 In re: Motorola Securities Litigation

Securities ERISA; affiliated purchasers A corporation’s profit sharing plan cannot claim a share of the settlement of a securities fraud action. “[T]he Plan is an affiliate of Motorola and on this basis is excluded from the class, although we arrive ...

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