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Out of the mouths of babes

While a child of 16 years with a car is going to make his or her own decision about placement, do we really want to give a 7 year old that authority?

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2010AP594 & 2010AP1155 State v. Gilbert

Sexually Violent Persons Commitment; custody A person can be committed under Chapter 980 as a sexually violent person while the person is incarcerated. “A petition alleging that a person is sexually violent must be filed before the person is ‘released or discharged’ from custody or control of the DOC. See Wis. Stat. § 980.02(1m). If the court determines that the ...

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2009AP2810 Accola v. Fontana Builders, Inc.

Insurance Liability insurance; care, custody, or control exclusions The loss of a third party’s personal property, not necessary to work being done by an insured, is not excluded from coverage by a care, custody, or control exclusion. “In order to win under the ‘care, custody, or control’ exclusion of its policy at the summary judgment level, Westfield had to show ...

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