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Evers calls for justice reform in state budget proposal

Gov. Tony Evers called on the Republican-controlled Legislature Tuesday to bolster funding for K-12 and higher education and reform both the state's criminal justice systems, while delivering a state budget with $1 billion in taxes increases and liberal policy priorities that are almost certainly dead on arrival.

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Highlights of Wisconsin’s state budget

The Wisconsin Senate is expected to give final approval to the state budget on Wednesday. After that, it will head to Gov. Tony Evers, who can sign it into law with no changes, sign it with alterations made through his partial-veto powers, or veto the entire plan.

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Debate over Walker’s budget to begin with judicial issues (UPDATE)

The first votes to be taken Wednesday on Gov. Scott Walker's budget proposal include whether to give the state Supreme Court authority over an independent commission that investigates judges, eliminate a panel that provides research on judicial issues and further cut the already greatly diminished secretary of state's office.

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Justices approve rule change concerning budgeting process (UPDATE)

Despite a sometimes-heated conversation that lasted more than two hours, Wisconsin justices approved a change to their rules Wednesday that aims to keep the state Supreme Court better informed during the state courts’ budget drafting process.

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Milwaukee’s bid preference law ends

The Milwaukee attorney’s office Monday reported the state budget bill had rendered unenforceable a two-year-old local bid preference ordinance. The budget, which passed in June, includes language mandating that “except when necessary to secure federal aid, a political subdivision may ...

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