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10-3939 Bloomfield State Bank v. U.S.

Tax Priority; security interests A mortgage that assigns future rental income to the mortgagee creates a security interest that takes priority over a federal tax lien. “No one would dispute the proposition in a case in which a mortgaged property ...

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2010AP1443 Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority v. Tri Corp Housing Inc., et al.

Contracts Tortious interference with contract Tri-Corp Housing, Inc. appeals the summary judgment dismissing all of Tri-Corp’s claims against Alderman Robert Bauman. Tri-Corp argues that the trial court erred when it: (1) granted summary judgment in Alderman Bauman’s favor with regard ...

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09-3143 Miller v. IDOT

Employment ADA; fear of heights A bridgeworker who is perceived to be afraid of heights is protected under the ADA. “After the March 23, 2006 panic attack above the Mississippi River, Miller was formally diagnosed with acrophobia. IDOT immediately precluded ...

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10-2740 U.S. v. Yarrington

Evidence Rule of completeness Confusing testimony is an insufficient basis to admit otherwise inadmissible evidence under the rule of completeness, but the error was harmless. “The reading of the portions of the report does not seem to fit within the ...

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10-3566 U.S. v. Thomas

Criminal Procedure Appeal waivers There was consideration for a defendant’s appeal waiver where the government agreed to recommend an adjustment for acceptance of responsibility. “We need not decide whether to accept Thomas’s consideration argument because the government did give consideration ...

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10-1932 Moosa v. Holder

Immigration Asylum; Pakistan Being a single Westernized woman is not a sufficient reason to obtain asylum when facing removal to Pakistan. “The reasons cited by the Board and its conclusions are consistent with our repeated reminder that ‘general conditions of ...

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