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BEV BUTULA: Citizen Media Law Project helps lawyers survive in digital world

The Citizen Media Law Project is hosted by Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society. The focus of the Citizen Media Law Project website is to “ensure that individuals and organizations involved in online journalism and digital media have access to the legal resources, education, tools, and representation that they need to thrive.”

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BLAWG LOG: Hupy on social responsibility and giving back; Idleman on legal anomalies in federal Indian law

Years ago, I attended a seminar where the late Attorney Harry M. Philo was one of the speakers. I don’t remember where the seminar was or who the other speakers were, but I will never forget one thing that this very prominent lawyer said, “The primary social responsibility of personal injury lawyers is to prevent accidents and reduce the number of injuries. It is only when we fail in this responsibility that we move to our secondary responsibility of obtaining compensation for our clients.”

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Fundamental changes that influence your practice

When lawyers enter legal practice, they understand that certain aspects of what they will be doing will change during their careers. There will be new laws and regulations, new court decisions from which to take emerging precedents, and technological advances that will make once-common office tools virtually extinct.

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JOB CITES: Important lessons about school visitation leave

With the passing of Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer is upon us. Given the dismal state of baseball this year for the Cubs (hey, they’re rebuilding), I’m more than ready to welcome fall and, along with it, all the cool-weather activities we have developed to cope with the fact we choose to live in a state where winter seems to last eight months: cooking chili, drinking scotch and watching the Chicago Bears inevitably disappoint (the latter two items perhaps not so unrelated).

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Taxation of e-discovery costs

When it comes to electronically stored information, “[t]he fuss is about money. Discovery is expensive, and electronic discovery is really expensive.” A.L. Brown, “The Manageable Challenge of Electronic Discovery,” formerly posted at Nevertheless, courts have split on which e-discovery costs may be awarded to a prevailing party under 28 U.S.C. §1920(4).

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Social media need for ad revenues spurs new offerings for companies

If you’re a Facebook junkie, if you have a black belt in tweeting or if you are the mayor of your favorite coffee shop on Foursquare, you might not like the news from a leading technology consultant: More advertising is coming to all your favorite social media platforms, including mobile devices, and it will be showing up in places you haven’t seen it before.

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