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BLAWG LOG: Fallone on separation of powers; Federal Evidence Review on Daubert

In resentencing for possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, admitting FBI agent's testimony as to the price of crack cocaine, based on the agent's experience in investigation of prices in various cities; a sentencing court may "rely on [a witness]'s testimony even if it may not have qualified as expert testimony" under FRE 702, as long as the sentencing evidence "has sufficient indicia of reliability to support its probable accuracy," in United States v. Johnson.

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BLAWG LOG: Pettit on sabotage; Bauer on good looks

I received a troubling call from a landlord last week. This landlord had some questions regarding management of her rental properties and told me that she had previosuly called the Landlord-Tenant Resource Center for assistance. I informed the caller that there is no such animal as the Landlord-Tenant Resource Center and that she had actually spoken with the Tenant Resource Center, a very pro-tenant organization.

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