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Wisconsin man ordered to lifetime of state supervision

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A Wisconsin judge has ordered a lifetime of state supervision for a man who was found guilty of murdering a friend but was also suffering from a mental disease.

Dane County Circuit Judge Mario White on Friday ordered that Ted J. Bruno, 53, be placed in a state mental institution indefinitely, Wisconsin State Journal reported. A jury last month found Bruno guilty of first-degree intentional homicide for stabbing a friend, Kim Gaida, to death in 2017, but the jury also found Bruno was suffering from a mental disease at the time. Psychiatrists who testified during the trial said Bruno had unspecified schizophrenic spectrum disorder causing psychotic symptoms.

The judge ordered that if Bruno is ever released from the state mental institution, he must remain under the supervision of the state Department of Health Services.
Bruno is allowed to petition for release from institutional care, but he would have to demonstrate that he is not a danger to himself or others. He would also have to show that he will take prescribed medications, something he resisted doing unless ordered by the court.

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