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Republicans delay veto overrides on COVID-19 bills (UPDATE)

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Republicans who control the Wisconsin Assembly on Tuesday postponed voting on proposals to override Gov. Tony Evers’ vetoes of bills that would prevent health officials from mandating the COVID-19 vaccine and prohibit the closing of churches during the pandemic.

Evers vetoed both bills last month, saying they restricted his ability to respond to the pandemic. There are no statewide vaccination mandates in place, or statewide orders that place capacity limits on churches or require them to be closed.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos didn’t say why the vote was postponed, but said it could take place at a later date.

Overriding the vetoes would take 66 votes in the Assembly. Republicans have a 60-38 majority, meaning six Democrats who voted against passing the bills would have to flip and support the override. The Senate would also have to vote to override the vetoes for the bills to be enacted.

By Tuesday, nearly 38% of the state was fully vaccinated and almost 45% had received at least one shot. The number of people getting vaccinated has slowed over the past month, as those who most wanted the vaccine have gotten it and now harder-to-reach populations and those who are hesitant to be inoculated are next in line.

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