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Warden posts memes comparing Muslims to garbage

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Wisconsin prisons official has been posting Facebook memes comparing Muslim children to garbage and flying the LGBTQ flag to flying the Confederate flag.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Deputy Warden Richard Schneiter in June posted a meme of two black garbage bags next to a Muslim woman and child in black burqas and a caption saying the woman had three beautiful children.

He also posted a meme contrasting the LGBTQ flag with the Confederate flag, and displaying the message “If they have the right fly theirs, we deserve the right to fly ours.”

Schneiter is the deputy warden in the minimum security prison system. He says he posted the memes to start discussions about internet messages.

The Department of Corrections spokeswoman Clare Hendricks said the agency had just learned of the allegations and will investigate. She says anyone who violates work rules will be held accountable.

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