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Dallet raises $500,000 for Supreme Court run

Judge Rebecca Dallet (File photo by Kevin Harnack)

Judge Rebecca Dallet (File photo by Kevin Harnack)

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Rebecca Dallet says she has raised more than $500,000 in her run for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Dallet’s campaign said Thursday it will report that she has nearly $389,000 cash on hand entering the Feb. 20 primary. Dallet initially gave her campaign $200,000 but nothing in the latest report.

Dallet is running against Madison attorney Tim Burns and Sauk County Circuit Judge Michael Screnock. Neither of them has reported their fundraising totals. The deadline is Tuesday.

Dallet has tried to position herself as the most nonpartisan of the three candidates in the officially nonpartisan race. Burns has been openly courting liberals, taking the unusual approach of stating his positions on political issues.

Screnock was appointed by Gov. Scott Walker and has been targeting conservative voters.

One comment

  1. No honor Dallet:
    You cheated me, then you and your court reporter told multiple lies to cover it up. You both are an embarrassment. Then you have the nerve to state:
    “Our courts and our election system need to be held to the highest standard of independence,” said Judge Dallet. “We need a strong recusal rule, and we need judges who will ensure that bias is removed from the courtroom. It’s time for the era of special interest influence to end.”
    In order to try and hold, “Our courts to that highest standard”, and, “It’s time for the era of special interest influence”, that being: the Attorney General. The respondents Lawyer, the Attorney General, a not-see judge against, VS: a brain damaged complainant, his solid discrimination / abuse / fraud case, and his eighty-three year old Mother, there to read for him. It is now clear why you removed my Mother.
    After being in your court room, and watching you remove my 83 year old Mother, for no other reason than to be a bully to her and confuse me, then prove to me that you have zero respect for the many discriminatory challenges he disabled face evert day. Despite your personal beliefs, they do have rights. It is not an accommodation to provide more discrimination in the circuit court. It should be a place where equal justice exists for all. Not just those who put checks in your pocket.
    I feel it is my duty as a citizen to do everything that the law allows, so as to ensure you never get a chances to use a government position to bully anyone; especially those who historically have had difficulties getting any access to the court system.
    The U.S. Constitution guarantees me due process and fair trial.
    You used your position to nullify these rights.
    Now I must use the Truth to nullify your opportunities to cheat anybody else.
    You collected a check for cheated an almost blind, severely brain / cognitively damaged man.
    My civic duty is to make sure that you never defraud anyone else ever, ever again. The respondent in my case was an animal abuser who has state goons in her pocket to cover up her crimes. As she cheated me out of an educational opportunity, I also had to watch her bully, cheat, ignore, ridicule and isolate and defraud a profoundly deaf nineteen year olds woman. I assure that I have witnessed my share of despicable behavior in my life; I never had to witness a defenseless woman get her soul raped. Then watch as corrupt bribe searching scum turned their back so they could claim their state obligation to party with the NOT-SEES.
    I will make every one in the state aware of your boorish, childish, and petulant behavior, that you unashamedly displayed in the courtroom on November 21, 2016.
    I suggest you withdraw from the race. If it is a worthy challenge you seek, allow me to recommend that you apply for an opening at the local bowling alley, cleaning toilets, third shift. This opportunity seems much more in alignment with your temperament and capabilities.
    I would be willing to judge as reference for you in this most appropriate challenge befitting a person such as yourself and your obvious people skills.
    Copies of this letter will be going to Detective Larette, Justice Gableman, Attorney Burns, The Madison Times, The Milwaukee Journal







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