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Voters ask US Supreme Court not to stall new Wisconsin maps

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Voters suing to overturn Wisconsin’s Republican-drawn legislative districts want the U.S. Supreme Court to deny the state’s request to delay a lower-court decision ordering lawmakers to set new maps by next year’s elections.

Lawyers for the voters say in a filing on Wednesday that delaying the decision will force “voters to participate in yet another election under unconstitutional districts.” The group’s lawsuit contends the state’s current districts favor Republicans.

A three-judge panel sided with the voters in November and ordered the drawing-up of new legislative boundaries. The state appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court and Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel last month asked that the lower-court ruling be delayed pending appeal. Schimel says the state is likely to win and drawing new maps would waste resources.

The justices haven’t decided to take the case.

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