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Dewick has commercial appeal

By: Emily Bultman//February 16, 2017//

Dewick has commercial appeal

By: Emily Bultman//February 16, 2017//

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David Dewick - Hager, Dewick & Zuengler
David Dewick –
Hager, Dewick & Zuengler

David Dewick strives to be a dealmaker, not a deal-breaker, for his clients.

He has practiced law for more than 20 years, primarily in Green Bay, where he is committed to helping clients in complex negotiations and real estate transactions.

Before signing a contract or agreement, there are often many questions and issues that need to considered. Real estate transactions often go hand in hand with other major business decisions and can make or break a company.

As an experienced commercial and real estate attorney at Hager, Dewick & Zuengler, he takes pride in facilitating the process, answering questions and explaining the risks to his clients for every transaction.

“I want to be able to provide my clients all of the needed information so they are able to make an informed decision and can rest easy at night,” he said.

Dewick takes his firm’s mantra of “Relationships Matter” to heart and looks to develop long-lasting personal relationships with his clients.

“I take great pleasure in learning how my clients started their businesses and how they continue grow their businesses. It’s not about looking at the client as a file or number, but I make every effort to build a deeper relationship with them and show them I truly care about them,” Dewick said.

Matthew Zuengler, a partner at Hager, Dewick & Zuengler, said Dewick has helped many families and businesses by protecting their interests while assisting clients in pursuing opportunities for success.

“Dave’s commitment to the firm, his practice and the Green Bay community is evidence of his outstanding leadership,” Zuengler said. “He is a tireless advocate for the clients of the firm and always has their best interests at heart.”

Dewick knew in high school he wanted to pursue the legal profession as a career.

“I was set on being an attorney because I was drawn to the profession with the strong desire to help people. I am satisfied knowing I accomplish this every day,” he said.


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