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Schimel won’t say whether he’ll sue over immigration ban

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel isn’t saying whether he might challenge President Donald Trump’s immigration restrictions or whether he supports them.

Schimel, a Republican, said during a news conference Monday that he would consider legal action if he felt Trump overreached his constitutional authority or the policy has what Schimel called a “negative impact” on Wisconsin.

He said the Department of Justice’s solicitor general’s office is reviewing a New York federal judge’s order blocking part of Trump’s restrictions. Once that review is complete, his office will decide whether the DOJ has a role to play.

Asked if he agreed with Trump’s restrictions, Schimel called them a policy decision that isn’t any of his business. But he said he’s not afraid to sue the federal government just because there’s a new president.

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