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Former Uber driver in Milwaukee sues company

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A former Uber driver in the Milwaukee area has sued the ride-hailing company in federal court, seeking overtime pay, tips and other expenses on behalf of all current and former Wisconsin drivers.

Lamont Lathan is asking the court to “properly classify” Uber drivers as employees, not as the independent contractors Uber says they are.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports at least two dozen other lawsuits around the nation have made the same argument.

The suit claims seven causes of action against Uber: breach of contract, conversion, fraud, misrepresentation, tortious interference with prospective business relations, unfair competition, unjust enrichment and violations of Wisconsin minimum wage and labor law.

Lathan’s attorney, Brian Mahany, estimates there could be 10,000 drivers affected.

Uber didn’t immediately return the newspaper’s request for comment.

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