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Milwaukee city attorney recommends strip search settlement

MILWAUKEE (AP) — The Milwaukee city attorney is recommending a $5 million settlement of 14 federal lawsuits alleging illegal strip searches by Milwaukee police.

Seventy-four African-American men alleged they were subjected to illegal and unconstitutional strip and body cavity searches.

While the city has denied liability, City Attorney Grant Langley said Tuesday the settlement is in the city’s best interest.

Under the settlement, the 74 men will share $2.7 million in compensation. Another $2.3 million will go for attorney fees and costs. The agreement also provides that the plaintiffs will pay child, support, restitution and other debts.

Approval is needed from the Milwaukee Common Council and Mayor Tom Barrett.

Four Milwaukee officers have been convicted of crimes in connection with illegal body searches from 2008 to 2012. All four were forced to resign.

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